Welcome to the Cilest® website

Designed especially for women who have been prescribed Cilest® by their doctor

This site has been created to provide all the information you need about Cilest®:

  • What it does
  • What side effects there might be
  • What to do if you forget to take your Pill
  • Many more facts that will help make taking the Pill easy and trouble-free

But don't forget: sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are increasing in the UK. Cilest® will not offer protection against STIs, nor will any contraceptive Pill, so you should take additional precautionary measures such as a condom which acts as a barrier to catching STI’s.

The information on this website should be used in conjunction with the Patient Information Leaflet for Cilest® and expert advice from your doctor or contraception provider.

You will find a copy of the leaflet in your Cilest® packet or click here to view the leaflet online.

You can access the various sections of this site using the navigation above. Alternatively, the links above contain specific information dependent on your personal circumstances.

Welcome to the Cilest® website

This website is specifically for people who live in the UK and have been prescribed Cilest®.

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